M.Eng Design + B.Eng Mechanical. Interested in using design thinking to improve human interactions in Healthcare and other industries

TL;DR: Wanted a quick consultation. Did not want to wait or go to a physical walk-in Clinic. Used app. Procrastinated and finally wrote about it

I recently tried out the TeleHealth app Babylon, by Telus since due to COVID going out and getting a physical appointment became more challenging than before. This is my experience booking a consultation with a family doctor.

As someone with no family doctor, No additional Insurance apart from OHIP, and…

The customer experience at cell phone companies is nothing to talk home about. Let us take a look at a couple of reasons why this still occurs even in 2019.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

I have worked as a Telecom sales rep and Retention Specialist for Canadian and American wireless carriers for over a year. My primary responsibilities included: explaining bills to customers, disputing charges if wrong, de-escalating upset customers, retaining existing customers and sales. Here are my thoughts and musings as to why…

A Design thinking Mentor’s take on the event funded by Immigration Canada

We hosted a two-day design thinking workshop for new high school students to reimagine the youth settlement experience in Canada.

On 3rd and 4th November, Brampton Multicultural Community Center in partnership with McMaster University hosted a two-day workshop for a diverse group of high school students with the challenge to…

Mohamed Moiz

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